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Palermo is a vibrant, young, friendly city to visit and admire. The whole history gave her a great artistic and architectural heritage that ranges from the remains of Punic walls to Art Nouveau villas, going from residences in Arab-Norman style, baroque churches and neoclassical theaters. Above all is the Arab-Norman impression that makes Palermo a special city walking, eating, watching.
cathedral of palermo
The Cathedral


The Cathedral is the main place of Catholic worship in our town. It is the monument that best tells the story of the city through its building history: a history of stone, a majestic jewel set in place of a Christian basilica, converted into a mosque by the Arabs. It was erected in 1185 and the last renovation began in the late 1700s, but lasted until the nineteenth century, with changes that actually were radicals. To reach it on foot along Via Roma for 200 meters, turn left on Via Vittorio Emanuele: from here you reach the Cathedral along 700m.

Teatro Massimo


The Teatro Massimo is the largest in Italy and the third in Europe: halls, galleries and monumental staircases surround the theater itself. It was built in the late nineteenth century and designed by Giovan Battista Basile and completed by Ernesto Basile, the famous king of Liberty and the son of the aforementioned architect. The inspiration builds on the greek temple and other monumental buildings of classical art. The result was a huge building, expertly decorated and gorgeous, whose ambition was to compete not only with the great temples of the Italian music but also with those in Europe.

To reach it on foot along Via Roma for about 1 km, turn left on Via Cavour: reach the theater after about 300m.

teatro massimo palermo
cathedral of monreale

The Cathedral of Monreale


The Cathedral of Monreale is famous for the rich Byzantine mosaics that decorate the interior. The Cathedral is next to the cloister of the Benedictine convent, one of the most magnificent buildings of the Middle Ages: the architecture of the Norman Period in Sicily conclude it with your swing. Its plan has three naves colonnaded arches supporting the Arab world. The aisles is grafted an oratory square bordered by pillars, which leads to the presbytery, joint with two arches to the prosthesis and diaconicon and completed by three apses at the three naves. It is a type of church mixture of Greek and Latin elements with arab influences. To get there by bus from the Central Station take the buses 109 or 234 or 318, get off at "Benedettini" stop and take bus 309

The Mondello Beach


The Mondello Beach is one of the most visited beaches of Sicily, for its numerous Art Nouveau villas too, that characterize the architecture of the place, making it an important landmark of international modernism. These buildings are among the best examples of Art Nouveau architecture in Italy and Europe. Mondello has many accommodation facilities, many yacht clubs and exclusive clubs, restaurants, shops, a marina and an old bathhouse, one of the symbols of the city. To reach Mondello take buses 101 or 102 and at "Politeama-Turati" stop change with buses 806 or 833.

traditional street market palermo

Traditional Street Markets


Traditional street markets, to experience the true Palermo: Ballarò, Vucciria e Capo are famous for the sale of the fruits coming from the countryside of Palermo. Visited daily by thousands of people, animated by the boisterous calls of vendors, with their distinctive and colorful local accent, try to attract the interest of passersby. They appear as a cluster of stalls with street invaded by wooden boxes containing merchandise that is continually shouted and chanted to advertise the good quality and good price products. Markets are used mainly to the sale of fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, but there are also articles of domestic use for cooking and cleaning the house.

Antica Focacceria San Francesco


The famous Antica Focacceria San Francesco is within walking distance where you can find and enjoy all our street food: le arancine, le panelle, il pane con la meusa, le crocchette di patate [sayd "cazzilli"], lo sfincione, la pizza e la moffoletta.

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antica focacceria san francesco palermo
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